Chime Loan Program

Read archived Chime Loan reports and news here.

What is the Chime Loan Program?

Area 6 will loan a three octave set of chimes to a school for one academic year. Each recipient will also receive a $50 gift certificate to be used to purchase educational materials.

Who is eligible?

Any public school who would like to incorporate chimes in their music program.

What is the responsibility of the Music Educator?

  • Incorporate chimes in the school music program for up to one academic year.
  • Utilize chimes in at least two concerts in front of parents during the academic year.
  • Explore the possibility of purchasing a set of chimes for ongoing use in the music curriculum.
  • Take advantage of at least one of the following:
    • A local or regional Handbell Musicians of America Conference
      (Free registration to Area 6 Summer Seminar)
    • Spend hands-on training time with the Area 6 mentor
  • Return the chimes to the Area 6 CHIME Chair at the end school year.

What is the responsibility of the school?

  • Provide insurance coverage based on the replacement value of the chimes, accessories, and equipment while in possession of and in transit from the school district.
  • Pay postage and/or shipping fees for receipt and return of the chimes to the Area 6 CHIME Chair.

How do I apply?

Request an application form from the Area 6 CHIME Chair:

Evy Lamb
2535 West New Hope Road
Rogers, AR 72758