Wondering what you would get from attending an Area event? Well…

North Alabama boasts a pair of Lindas as directors that attended The Area 6 Festival in 2015:  Linda May of First United Methodist Florence, and Linda Guyton of First United Methodist Hartselle.  Here’s a sample of what the directors and their ringers had to say about the Area 6 Festival:

First UMC Hartselle

The square dancing was the most fun I have had and the most I have laughed in a while! 

” I liked the classes: percussion, ringing techniques……and reading through new music is always lots of fun.”

  “Because of our class Bells Without Tables we learned a lot about processionals. We bought the   books 12 Bells in F and came home and formed a new quartet. We also processed at Christmas.”

First UMC Florence

“The festival music was challenging and required proper techniques to execute. We loved it!”

“The dinner Friday was delicious and the entertainment was first rate!”

Take a look at some of the pictures from their time in 2015 – you can tell they had a great time!

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