Come learn from Stevie Berryman!

berrymanHey y’all! I can’t wait to see you in Memphis this June. I’ll be there teaching about the two topics I am most passionate about: ringing with children, and handbell concerts that don’t suck. 

I started a children’s chime choir at my church when my son was in 2nd grade, since he had been begging me to let him ring since he was in utero. I was not deterred by the fact that I had no experience ringing with children, or the fact that I couldn’t find any resources, or even that I had never seen a children’s chime choir before. Having no other options, I learned the old fashioned way…by making lots of mistakes. But my repeated failures are to your advantage, because I can now share strategies that are so heavily field-tested, they are practically bulletproof. You might enter this class a Chime Director, but you will leave a Chime Wizard!

I can remember once checking my watch to see how soon a handbell concert would be over…while I was performing in it. It doesn’t have to be that way. Concerts (yes, even handbell concerts) can be lively and engaging in ways that have nothing to do with the level of music you’re ringing. Everyone, beginner to expert, can put on a concert that will have your audience falling in love with you. It doesn’t happen by accident, though. I can teach you how to craft a concert that will turn the people in your audience into superfans.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in Memphis!

Stevie Berryman