Handbell Choir Director Survey

I am posting this on behalf of Beth Ann Edwards, who contacted us via email a few weeks ago asking for our assistance with a project she is working on for her master’s degree.  The results of this survey could also be beneficial to all of us who are interested in handbell demographics, so please participate if you can.  Here is the message she sent to us:

Handbell directors working with children and youth in churches, could you please take 10 minutes and compete a survey? Results will be reflected in my final paper, required for the Master of Church Music degree at Concordia University Wisconsin. For survey results or clarifications, contact me (bethannedwards@msn.com). The survey results will give us a current snapshot of the state of children’s and youth handbell choirs in churches. The survey is divided into three areas: church statistics and background, children’s and youth handbell choirs, and background of the survey respondent. I will make the results available later this spring or early this summer.

To access the survey, please go to the following link:


Beth Ann Edwards
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Des Moines, Iowa

The cut-off date for participation is March 31, 2012.

(Apologies if you are signed up for email notifications and received multiple messages about this post. Something weird happened behind the scenes, but it should be cleaned up now.)

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