News from Gatlinburg!

Gatlinburg AGEHR Sign

Our newly elected board members are: Bob Bidewell, Chair-Elect; Kathy Milstead, Secretary; and Ruth Howald has been re-elected as Treasurer. The new positions will take effect in October.

October is also the target date for AGEHR to finish the transition to the new organization name Handbell Musicians of America. If you attended Smoky Mountain Ring, you had the opportunity to hear Lee Afdahl, the incoming national president of the Guild, explain the reasoning behind this change; the short version is that it reduces the potential for confusion and is more inclusive. The New Initiatives blog is a good source of information from the national board concerning these changes.

The next Area 6 regional festival will take place at the First Presbyterian Church of Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2013. In June of 2012, Area 6 will host two summer seminars — one in Vicksburg MS and one in Birmingham AL. Look for more information and registration forms in the coming months on this website.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make Smoky Mountain Ring a success!

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